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 Performing an action

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PostSubject: Performing an action   Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:50 am

Now, there is something called a dice pool. A dice pool is a total number of dice (d10 only) that you roll to perform an action against the difficulty specified by the storyteller (which won’t be known to you). Every action takes both attribute and ability/combat to be performed. Now, if you want to perform two or more actions in one round it requires to split your pool which means that you take out 1 die for the first action, 2 dice for the second, 3 for the third etc. It is your choice wether you’ll split your actions or not, but keep in mind – luck is not always at your side.

However, I didn’t want to bother you with examples and explanations. The best way to learn is while you play. So, when you want to perform an action that requires rolling, describe your action and wait for the storyteller’s response and further instructions. Please make sure to download the Dice Roller in Important downloads. Wink

Most common actions:

Perception + alertness

Dexterity + hide

manipulation + bluff

Bluff check
Perception + empathy

charisma + subterfuge

Subterfuge check
Perception + empathy

Appearance + empathy

Seduce check
Perception + empathy

Dexterity + move silently

Charisma + intimidate

Intimidation check
Inteligence + empathy

  • Defender must have more successes than the user when performing a check
  • Difficulty can vary at storytellers discretion

Quick combat refference

Quick Draw : To draw a weapon while already IN combat
Dexterity + melee/ranged

  • This requires the use of one action.

Dexterity + Dodge

Parry (Armed Defence):
Dexterity + Melee

Armed attack
Dexterity + Melee

  • str + 1 damage for improvised weapons, penalty -1

Unarmed attack:
Dexterity + Brawl

Block (Unarmed Defence):
Dexterity + Brawl

Strenght + melee

  • When damage exceeds defenders strength + melee, they are disarmed.

Strenght + brawl

Dexterity + ranged

Soaking Damage:
Constitution + armor

Difficulty modifiers for Called Shots:
Medium (Limb) +1
Small (hand,head) +2
Precise (Eye, heart, a lock) +3

Damage modifiers for Calledshots:
Medium - 0
Small - +1
Precise - +2

Rolling damage
Strenght + melee/ranged/brawl + overages

How to Calculate Overage:
When there is NO defense: Overage = Sucesses - 1
When there is an unsucessful defense: Overage = Sucesses - defense sucesses - 1
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Performing an action
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