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 Character creation

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PostSubject: Character creation   Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:39 am

And now let me introduce you to the system of the game. Of course you will need a character sheet which you can find in Important downloads. But before you get one, let me first show you what it looks like and how it works. However, it is not necessary to understand it after one read – you will create your character with the help of your storyteller so when you’re ready add this account to your msn list – wild.elf@live.com.

So let us begin.

The first part of the sheet is reserved for your character’s personal info – name, age, race, concept, status. Remember, there are no regular DnD classes in this system. You can pick any concept you like, which represents your personal view of your character but it doesn’t affect your points. Skills and attributes actually define your character.

Your attributes are divided into 3 sections – physical, social and mental and each group consists of 3 traits. Before you get on to distributing them, you should pick your primary, secondary and tertiary set of traits which is how your points are grouped as well. So, you will have 7 points to spend on your primaries, 5 on your secondaries and 3 on your tertiaries. I will later explain how these attributes affect your actions. Only in attributes, you begin with already 1 point in each trait (if you have no bonuses or penalties which count as your racial potential).

Which brings us to your Abilities. They are also divided into 3 sections – talents, skills and knowledges. Just like I mentioned above, you should pick your primaries, secondaries and tertiaries – a skillful thief will most certainly pick Skills for his primary set, a scholar would pick Knowledges and so on. Think of your concept and choose wisely. When you make your decision, you will have 13 points to distribute on your primaries, 9 on secondaries and 5 on your tertiaries. The only thing that you should stay away from is raising your ability to 4. It is strictly forbidden, but you will be able to do it once you start distributing your freebie points (think of them as finishing touches – for now). Now let’s move on.

Combat. Yep, you guessed right. It is divided into two sets – ranged and melee. And just like before, pick your primary and secondary set only here you will have 8 points to distribute on primaries and 4 on secondaries. And once that is done, you have your character! Well, almost….

And now, the finishing touches. I already mentioned that you will have 15 points to distribute wherever you like. You can spend 2 points to get a single point in any ability, 5 to raise an attribute, 3 to raise a combat skill. Now you can raise your traits to 4 and above.

Once you finish distributing your points you will be given your equipment and extra items – depending on your status and wealth. The storyteller will instruct you how to equip your armor and weapon and you will learn how to use them once you start playing which is why I won’t bother you with the details here. It is essential to understand at least the basics of this system – the rest will come easily and in good time.

Gaining expirience through the game

Each of the players will have an expirience box on their personal page. A storyteller will be adding maximum 3 expirience points per week, depending on how much you played that week and how much you got your character involved with the storyline.

At some point, you will want to spend your exp points of course. Multiply your current rating with a given number to get the amount of exp needed to raise any of your traits. Check out the prices:

  • Attribute: current rating x 4
  • Ability: current rating x 2
  • Combat ability: current rating x3

And if you want a new ability, something that isn’t already listed in the sheet, it will cost you 3 exp. points.

However, before raising your stats you have to speak with the storyteller and see if they approve of it – some stats need to be worked on before they can be raised.


  • Try to avoid cliches while creating your character’s bio – dead parents and orphans are the worst case scenario which probably won’t be approved. Remember, a storyteller wants to enjoy this roleplay just as much as you do! Also, try to make a character which you can connect to and roleplay will go much easier for you, even if you’ve never played before.

  • Please don’t use manga/anime or WoW images for your characters. Such images will be deleted momentarily.
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Character creation
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