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PostSubject: Religion   Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:27 am

The Faith of Ten

The Pantheon:

(from left to right)

  • Pelor – God of light and sun, supreme deity;
  • Vidaras – God of wisdom and scholars
  • Tahrar – God of craftsmen , artisans and technologists
  • Shasos – God of warriors
  • Mor – God of waters
  • Teros – God of joy and beauty
  • Eirdelali – Goddess of forests and forest creatures
  • Varola – Goddess of fertility and love
  • Korsiz – God of time and seasons
  • Zirit – God of death

The Faith of Ten is the official religion of Tylia. Followers of this religion are all peoples of the south, west and east. Its church is a very well organized instituion. The Faith of Ten teaches its followers obedience and humility and gives them strenght on their earthly journeys. They believe in the afterlife and heaven and hell. They don’t believe in reincarnation however and one of the greatest sins is to burn the body of the deceased, which prevents their spirit to join their ancestors. Spirits normally remain on earth for 10 days, celebrating each God for one day, before it departs into the light. Or darkness.
There are 10 commandments, each set by one of the Gods:

  1. I am the Lord and Father of everything that lives - Pelor
  2. You shall not abuse the strenght of the word for my wrath will fall on you – Vidaras.
  3. Shape the world with your tools, but do not create false Gods for they will destroy you – Tahrar
  4. You shall not draw a sword at your own kin but use it wisely and be there for those who need protection – Shasos
  5. You shall never waste my gifts or underestimate my power for if you do, you are your own enemy– Mor
  6. Love yourself the way you are and celebrate all things beautiful – Teros
  7. You shall not cut anything that grows – Eirdelali
  8. Love a body of another with no regrets or looking back – Varola
  9. Do not waste your time, use every minute that I’m giving you.
  10. You shall not hide from me but welcome me joyously for I will always find you. – Zirit.

In modern history, even noble houses like Verneth put symbols of the Ten on their emblems showing who protects their lineages. In Verneth’s case, it is the supreme God – Pelor. Linoin’s choice would be Mor, Luent’s naturally – Teros. Trezen house and other houses of the north avoid putting religious symbols on their emblems (and besides, northern houses still believe in the Old spirits and Mother Earth).

Appart from heraldry, religious symbols are used in King’s personal escort of nine knights – each of them representing the embodiment of one God from the pantheon. King himself would represent the supreme God.

Church of the Ten

  • Patriarch (His All Holiness) ~ representative of the Faith. He is an ascetic, all-knowing, wise, tired old man who rarely lets anybody see or disturb him. Only on religious hollidays does he appear in public and pardons people’s sins. This happens very seldom, and he is almost perceived as a God. He is the chairman of the Religious Council but Cardinals usually speak in his name.

  • Cardinal (His Eminence) ~ There is only 3 of them in the whole kingdom. They have always been members of the King’s Council and helped the ruler with their political and religious affairs. Even now when there is only one king, by tradition, they serve the former royal houses except Trezen, which converted to the Old religion. When a patriarch dies, another one is elected among the Cardinals.

  • Archbishops (His Radiance) Spiritual leaders in each territory, but unlike the Cardinals, Archbishops are concerned only about the religious bussinesses of the territory and laws of the church and also for spreading Cardinal’s voice. They are always summoned if a king or Cardinal want to change something concerning the church laws as advisers. If Archbishops cannot make a decision, Bishops are summoned as additional help. This happens once in a blue moon however. Popular name: Bloodsuckers. 6 of them in each territory. Cardinals are elected among Archbishops.

  • Bishops (His Grace)~ 10 per territory. Superior to -all- priests of their patron God. They receive orders from their superiors, Archbishops. Convoys of the church laws decreed by Archbishops. Archbishops are elected among bishops.

  • Priests (Father) – Preachers, tendants of temples and shrines of their patron God, travelling missionaries etc. There are many priests in both rural and urban communities. Bishops are elected among the wisest priests.

Old Religion

Followers of the old religion worship nature spirits, elementals and one supreme deity – Mother Nature. They believe that everything around us has a soul and that everything with a soul goes through life like through levels in school because life itself -is- a school - the one that teaches us how to progress in our next lives and ascend. During our earthly lives, we should all cooperate and learn from eachother. This philosophy was ideal for creating magic in the old days but the old priests and shamans are no longer among the living and the only written document is a list of some of the elements and inacurrate historical evidence written by the conquerers because the old priests passed the knowledge orally.

(from left to right)

he only deity in Old Religion is abovementioned Mother Nature. This goddess is an entity that binds all of the elements together.

She is usually depicted as a female holding a plant with all of the nature’s aspects.

Followers of the old religion are Norn Elves and Norn Humans, some dwarves and people of the wilderness – outcasts, hermits etc.
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