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 Calisti Elyseris

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PostSubject: Calisti Elyseris   Wed Oct 21, 2009 2:47 pm

Name: Calisti Elyseris
Age: 48
House: Elyseris
Race: Elf
Concept: middle child of a noble house
Calisti is the middle of three children in the Elyseris Family. Her father is Cydar and is 111 years and her mother is Shaeria and is 108 years. She has one older brother named Brazi he is 60 years old, and a younger brother called Tyl, he is 42 years old. Calisti is 48 years old. Calisti is a dreamer; she finds escapism in books and nature. She delights in listening to her history tutor, a dwarf named Pas, tell her tales of the north. Calisti really likes Pas, he is wise and old, and he told her tales or the Norn and the Norn elves. Calisti has a friend named Mia; Mia is just slightly younger and is the daughter of a castellan at Calisti’s family estate. Mia is in love with love, she delights in tales of knights and romance and it can make her giddy to the point of silliness, Calisti worries that Mia is easily swept away and it effects her judgement. Mia has a crush on Brazi, but Calisti suspects it’s her younger brother Tyl that harbours affection for Mia. Mia likes embroidery, knitting etc but none of this type of thing appeals to Calisti. Mia also has some prejudices that Calisti doesn’t share; Mia has distaste for cendril, dwarves, and things from the north in general. Calisti has little experience of those from the north, but Pas told her tales of the great king Yutri, and the savageness of the Helvryn Norn elves.

Calisti has visited the Linoin’s Castle, and knows they have a son called Marias who is the king’s ward and a daughter named Mora, who Calisti isn’t so enamoured with; they are very different types of girls. The Elyseris are also friendly with the Arabani family.

Calisti is sweet natured, and has a thirst for knowledge and adventure, she loves her family dearly. She is a day dreamer, much to the annoyance of her tutor Pas.
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Calisti Elyseris
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